Content over form

In the recent days some attention has been given to the campaign logos of US presidential nominees. After all, in the past two people have officially announced their intentions to become the next president of the US – Hilary Clinton and Marco Rubio.

Hilary Clinton’s “H” has been criticised for bad choice of colours and being “too blocky”. It is quite clunky, indeed. I do recognise it was meant to appeal to both blue and red voters, but it would benefit from less violent shades of both colours.


The font choice in Marco Rubio’s logo was meant to be hip, but looks strangely feminine. There’s nothing wrong with femininity, but it feels out of place in this case. Plus the kerning (spacing between the letters) is all wrong. As pointed out on, the spacing varies across the logo. Eg. the “r” is way too close to the “c”, which makes the “o” in “marco” look a bit lonely.


Does any of this matter? Not really. I hope that in politics content will rule over form.

Content over form

2 thoughts on “Content over form

  1. dimplesgulrajani says:

    I don’t see why Hilary and her team thought that a huge red arrow point towards the right would be a good logo choice for a democratic candidate! :/


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