That part of the world

I’ve been a fan of Dateline London for well over a year now, but last week’s episode is one of the best ones I’ve seen.

The interactions between journalists from Russia, Palestine/Britain, and the US  were entertaining (“I’m happy that the Russians are coming back to the Middle East, we want to have balance there, we can’t leave the Americans alone destroying the region” ), snappy (“the one remaining super power is gong to have to cooperate with the ex super power”), and just beautifully to the point (“…this is a familiar story. You set foot in that part of the world [the Middle East] and you get burnt. It’s virtually impossible to do anything, on any side, at any time, by anybody.”).

It started off as a discussion about the recent plane crash in Egypt, but it turned into a vibrant (and hilarious) discussion of the relations between the US and Russia, and its implications for Middle East. There was a bit less substance (and more noise) than in a typical Dateline episode, but I enjoyed it nevertheless.

That part of the world

2 thoughts on “That part of the world

  1. I agree with a few less extreme versions of his statements but that’s about it. I don’t think all of his ‘facts’ check out. His argument that arming Syria is arming ISIS seems like a big stretch because I don’t many people leave rebel groups in favour of ISIS. Same with the argument that the US could put pressure on their allies not to buy oil from ISIS (ekhem, Turkey); I think he’s forgetting that US allies are not like Russia’s ‘allies’ and they can’t just impose their will on them.

    I’m not really a fan of the US’ foreign policy, but I’m not exactly a fan of Russia’s, either.

    Btw, I recommend:


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